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Freelance HTML5 Banner Developer

I have been designing and developing banner adverts in a freelance capacity for 15+ years and quite fortunate that Adobe converted the original Flash software to accommodate HTML5 production. I develop in other mediums but always fall back to Adobe Animate because it’s part of the Adobe design suite and integrates seamlessly with Adobes other software. Storyboarding and artwork supplied by clients is always offered as Photoshop, Illustrator or In Design so it makes sense to continue the animation production within the Adobe suite.

Working with the same software over many years has allowed me to offer efficiency and fast turnarounds for my clients. I often get asked what my day rate is, but being able to build banners three times faster than most developers I’m not sure a day rate formula applies. Cost effectiveness should be calculated per banner which is more economical and transparent for both developer and client. Obviously there cannot be a standard industry rate per banner, because assets and animation complexities apply, but building a master animation in a campaign and then propagating to the other formats can most definitely be calculated per unit. .

I have thousands of archived banners but also have NDA agreements in place, so the best I can offer is for you to imagine the most spectacular banner you have ever seen, and then imagine it being developed in a third of the time ; )

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