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Banner Ad Development

Animated banner Ads were originally produced using Macromedia Flash software and circa 2016 it changed to HTML5, but technically HTML5 is still playing catch up.

We are many years on from Flash production and HTML5 is still unable to produce an animated banner that is under 50kb (industry mainstay between 2002/2015). The current HTML5 standard is 150kb, which is significant when you consider 4-5 adverts loading simultaneously on a webpage. Flash also managed to produce a single advert file and HTML5 generates multiple backend files for one advert, so from a development and distribution perspective more time is consumed developing HTML5 banners. There are many reasons that made Flash superior for banner production, but I won’t digress, it’s pointless, its gone, killed by corporate greed, a topic for another time.

The king is gone but not forgotten!

HTML5 Banner Designer

I have been designing and developing banner Ads for 15+ years and very fortunate that Adobe converted the original Flash software to accommodate HTML5 production. I develop in other mediums, but always fall back to Adobe Animate because its part of the Adobe design suite and integrates seamlessly with Adobes other software. I have never once received assets from a client that were not either Photoshop, Illustrator, or In Design, so it makes sense to continue the animation production within the Adobe suite.

Freelance Banner Developer

As mentioned I have many years’ experience working with the same software, which allows for efficiency and fast turnarounds. I often get asked what my day rate is, but being able to build banners three times faster than most developers I’m not sure a day rate formula applies? Cost effectiveness should be calculated per banner, seems far more economical and transparent for both developer and client, obviously, there cannot be a standard industry rate per banner, because assets and animation complexities apply, but building a master animation in a campaign and then propagating to the other formats can most definitely be calculated per unit.

HTML5 Banner Examples

I have thousands of archived banners, but also have NDA agreements, so the best I can offer is for you to imagine the most amazing banner you have ever seen, and then imagine it being developed in a third of the time ; )

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